Who is Not A?

Here it is a list of every character  on Pretty Little Liars and why can they be or not be A:

Allison DiLaurentis: she is A, but lets keep pretending like she is not, she disappeared for 4 years, paid someone to pretend to be her kidnapper, kept everyone’s secrets, had stashes of money hiding everywhere and is a psychopath, but we love her.

Alex Santiago: I only remember him because he is a mexican actor, but he was hot on the two episodes he was in. He is not A.

Andrew Campbell: He might have hated Allison before everything started but he is being really nice to Aria lately, and maybe he is A.

Anne Sullivan: She knows all the girl’s secrets and she is a psychologist and everyone knows psychologists are not right on their minds.

Aria Montgomery: she could be Big A, after all she has been know to look too much into mirrors and that’s clearly a sign of multiple personality disorder.

Arthur Hacket: THIS IS A!

Ashley Marin: She stole a lot of money, A has a lot of money, she is A, plus she worked at Alli’s house so she had access to everything there. Maybe she is not A but if Hanna is A she knows and is helping her.

Byron Montgomery: He did cheated on his wife and made her daughter keep the secret, who knows what goes through that sick mind?

Caleb Rivers: He is tech savvy and his mother is like a millionaire or something, he love Hanna so he is helping her.

CeCe Drake: She was part of the A team, and is a bitch, and was REd Coat at some point, but she is not around anymore. She is A.

Darren Wilden: He was a bad cop, he is A.

Eddie Lamb: He was someone… who was he?

Ella Montgomery: might be A, what if she was just messing with Alli for blackmailing Byron and Aria, and also wanted to teach Aria and friends a lesson, she is a really weird mom.

Emily Fields: definitely not A, I like Emily but if she wasn’t a lesbian there would not really be too much to go on.

Ezra Fitz: He needs to grow up and stop hanging out with teenagers, but we know his family is loaded so maybe he is like a weird scientist that is running some sort of experiment in Rosewood.

Gabriel Holbrook: He is a cop so he is not A, but he is helping A, plus he has just arrived, and A has been there since the beginning.

Garret Reynolds: He is A, the body in the train was a decoy. He was part of NAT, that screams motive, he is A, I repeat, he is A. But really he died or did him?

Hanna: Ok, I have to say, that for me, Hanna is A for sure, looking back to season 1 she was always around when Alli was spilling someone elses secrets and she is super smart.

Holden Strauss: that kid was only on season 3, he is not A, or maybe he is those Tae Kwan Do moves are pretty useful. Didn’t he died?

Ian Thomas: He died right, at the church, that was him?, maybe he didn’t die and he is A.

Jake: who?

Jackie Molina: loves Ezra, hate Aria, she is A.

Jason DiLaurentis: He is sketchy and sent his own sister to prison, who does that? obviously A.

Jenna Marshall: Really, who fakes being blind?. Answer A.

Jessica DiLareuntis: She is the worst mother on the show and there was whole thing with her buying clothes, and the flashback of her telling Alli there was just one dress, she could be A.

Kate Randall: Evil stepsister that takes all of daddy’s money and leave Hanna without tuition money? She is a mean girl and is messing with Hanna, or maybe she is helping Hanna and faking everything else…

Kenneth DiLaurentis: Explain to be how can a father leave his daughter alone after she was supposedly kidnapped for four years?

Linda Tanner: the detective right?, she knows everything.

Lucas Gottesman: That kid is weird as hell, he is smart and he has secrets just like A.

Lyndon James: He was stocking Maya, so maybe the girls too, he is A.

Maggie Cutler: Yes she is Big A.

Malcolm Cutler: Wait, isn’t he a kid?

Maya St. Germain: We never so her body she is A.

Melissa Hastings: She was A at some point, buried Bethany Young alive, hates Allison, always fights with Spencer and supposedly fled to England, but we haven’t seen her since. She is A.

Meredith Soreson: she is a bitch, total A.

Mike Montgomery: after tonight’s episode I don’t think he is A, he loves Mona, but wait, what if Mona is A and Mike is helping her and he was just acting the whole thing with hiding the blood in the forest, maybe he was going to put it on the girls things to incriminate them. definitely an A move.

Noel Kahn: He died, right?

Paige McCullens: pretty mean leaving Emily like that, maybe she left to find Mona and help her uncover A, or maybe she is A and needed time to kill Mona.

Pam Fields: Emily’s mom is a good person but deep down inside maybe not so much, watch out for the quiet ones.

Peter Hastings: He is as secretive as anyone, we hate him, he might be A because he is never around.

Samara Cook: Who knows, she was there, then she wasn’t.. oh A.

Sean Ackard: Hanna’s first love, not A.

Shana Fring: She was the A that shot Ezra and tried to kill the liars, she died and we are happy about that.

Spencer Hastings: oh Spencer, the overachiever brat, she has been to Radley and not as a visitor, so who knows maybe she is crazy.

Sydney Driscoll: She was one of Emily’s girlfriends right?

Ted Wilson: Not A, he is a man of God.

Toby Cavanaugh: He has been acting so weird since he became a cop, maybe he is working with officer Tanner (who knows everything), and discovered who A is.

Tom Marin: Gives Hanna money for A plans and pretends he doesn’t know her.

Travis Hobbs: One of Hanna’s boys, he helped her for a while.

Veronica Hastings: not A, but she will be A’s lawyer.

Wayne Fields: He is never around, he is not A.

Wren Kingston: He definitely knows more about A, but he is not A, because he is a doctor and I trust him.

Zack: he was hot, not A.

*This is not completely accurate…

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