But Seriously Hanna is A

I know that after my last post everything was a little confusing, everyone can be A, everyone has been A at some point, Mona was the original A and I really believe we won’t know who Big A is until the show makes a reunion 10 years after it is over, but seriously Hanna is Big A.


1. Hanna was bullied by Ali because of her weight.

2. She took Ali’s place as Queen of the school with Mona.

3. Hanna kept defending Mona even after she was sent to Radley for being original A.

5. She is an expert on forging handwriting.

6. When Mona was going to be sent away Hanna gave this kind of “I am guilty too” speech.

7. In the intro all the girls look directly at Hanna.

8. During Ali’s funeral Hanna looks as if she was going to a party and actually kind of happy.

9. Remember Hanna’s cousin Heshy, the one with mental issues, well crazy runs in the family.

10. Hanna used to follow her dad and apparently was really good at it.

11. When the girls found the diary in the lair, Hanna kept it and when she finally gave it back some entries had been altered.

12. She didn´t shoot A!

13. A hates wedding, Hanna has stopped at least two weddings (her dad’s and Ella’s).

14. She fakes being dumb during the first seasons but lately she keeps reminding us she is super smart.

15. Ashley Benson knows who A is.

16. All those visits to Radley to see Mona could have been A team meetings.

17. The message Aria received from “H”, we thought it was from Holbrook, but maybe it is Hanna.

18. This picture of Hanna wearing an orange jumpsuit with Ali.

19.Marlene King said that “original A was in the pilot, and Big A might be there too”

20. Cast members have been saying is going to be real obvious once you know who it is, and after watching the first season again is obvious Hanna has some issues and is always around when the girls are having flashbacks about Ali, just look at the scene when Spencer and Ali are fighting during the pilot.

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