Some days I feel like crap, other days I am so high I can almost touch the clouds, I blame my bipolarity.

Today was one of those days that required every little bit of my soul to lift my (not too small) body from bed. Superhuman strength was shown when my arms actually went up my neck and washed my hair.  After making some tortillas (you can get the girl out of Mexico but .. oh wait I live in Mexico) and filling them with cheese, because that the way real quesadillas are made, I headed dreadfully to my desk and cleaned it to the last corner. I found some lost papers and cables long lost. It took me all morning to finally getting around to open my email inbox and this is the reason why:

I hate that people email, text, call or whatever just to say they have something to say. JUST SAY IT DAMN IT.

But the real reason is that the people I’m talking about is the Dean of Medicine. HE thought it was OK to leave a cryptic message in my inbox, on Friday afternoon, asking for an appointment on Monday. WHO DOES THAT?.

Anyway I realized I’m pretty good at procrastinating (uh.. long word) and waited until the scheduled appointment began.

Four O’Clock. Phone Rings. Caller ID confirms the caller.

-Hello Andrea, how are you?

Crapping my pants Fine thanks, how may I help you?.

-There are some news regarding your current situation

Situation? Am I living a Jersey Shore reality show? Oh I get it.. Is there something wrong?

-It’s good news actually, we are making some changes and everything is fine.

After this my head was so high it took all of me to concentrate on the details, but after the reassurance that I worried for nothing I hanged up the phone and danced around and jumped and got back to work. I had lost a whole day worrying for nothing, was it so hard to write that down on the email he sent me, it should have only taken a few more minutes.

I guess  I worry too much  some people never change.

I lost my point… oh well.

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