The Royals

We’ll never be royals. It don’t run in our blood, that kind of lux just ain’t for us. We crave a different kind of buzz.

Think about this Downton Abbey meets Skins (the UK version), what do you get? Drama, drugs, love, plots and… hold it …


They are the royal family, doing what royals do, parties, charities, debating politics and all those things we mortals don’t understand.

The older brother died. He was next in line to King so it should be what it all is about right?. The answers is NO, during the first five episodes the first born is rarely mentioned if not to never. Not even her mother (ice cold bitch) the Queen remembers him.

Then we have the King, he wants to abolish the monarchy to live a more quiet life, with his servants that is.

The prince that just became the next king is quite boring, he loves the girl next door, daughter of the head of security but she could never love him back or can because this is America and apparently they believe the whole he feel in love with a commoner thing and the American Dream and stuff.

And last but not least my new idol, the princess, gorgeous and damaged. Remember Tony’s little sister Effy? Think twenties and with all the money in the world or most of it.

There are some sidekicks like the crazy uncle that has a problem with watching too much porn and the friends of the royals to how us how normal it is to be royal, but I really couldn’t care less for them.

Want to relieve Skins glorious days? watch this series Sundays on E!, or if you are like me and won’t ever watch something on television couchtuner is always a friend.

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