The Blood On My Arm

Dark red stains cover the white bathroom floor, slowly they run through the cracks of the poorly placed tiles. There’s no sound outside the door, only my soul is awake, and it floats around my still body laying against the tub. I am leaving, but not just yet.

Pain brought to my heart by the words of a lover, words that crushed my soul with the strenght of a hammer, words asked for when a deal was made, when a pact was sealed, when I signed a contract of dispair. 

I brought this to myself, willingly surrender to the heat of his arms, fully concious than ther was no future in those eyes, that those hands where looking for another body to hold tight.

So now I punish myself for being so not smart, for wishing for something I won’t ever again have, and the blood runned down the blades until no more red drops where inside and the last beats of the girl without soul die.