May Your Wishes All Come True

So after hours of radio silence I am finally watching the second to last episode of Parenthood and I cannot believe it. Just a year ago I started watching Parenthood and it was AWESOME. The family´s constant drama, the intro song, and OMG the dance parties, I so much want to be part of the Bravermans, please adopt me. PLEASE.

So let me tell you everything you need to know about the family (Some spoilers alert):

First we have Zeek and Camille, the grandparents, they basically rule everyone else. Zeek is always getting involved in his children life but in a good way, and Camille well she just lets them be.

Then we have Adam and Kristina, he is the oldest so obviously he is the most stable of the siblings. His marriage is like perfect. They have three kids: Haddie, who has a major role in some seasons and then disappears to college, Max, who has Aspergers, and Nora, I think that her name because the series is ening and she can barely walk.

The second child is Sarah, she is a mess, divorced, with two kids, and perfectly payed by Lauren Graham being Lauren Graham. Her daughter, Amber, has some difficult times during some seasons but seems like everything will be fine. Drew is the youngest and he is the best brother in the entire world, I love him and want to be his sister, or date him, or whatever I just want to be near him and his awesome hair.

Next we have Crosby and Jasmine, musician, crazy as hell, and the most lovable parent ever, he had a son, Jabbar, with Jasmine and found out years later about it, they got married and had another daughter, Aida.

Last but not least, because I love her and him even more, Julia and Joel, lawyer and contractor, made for each other (please don’t break up again), with two kids, an annoying brat, Sydney, that is going to be a mean girl one day and Victor.

So there you go, that’s the family, crazy family, I want to be part of it, please adopt me or let me marry one of them, I don’t care, I will even marry Haddie if needed.

Watch their ups, downs, and DANCE PARTIES!

I love the Bravermans.  Catch the SERIES FINALES next Thursday.