Top Five (SOT edition)

Here’s a suggestion, try watching a movie or tv show without any soundtrack, it feels so weird. Pretty Little Liars soundtrack has to be on of my personal favorites and I am not talking just about the “Secret” song, that one was already on my iTunes’ most played since it’s appearance in Gossip Girl.

But let’s go back to PLL Soundtrack, season one was the one that really catch me and here are my TOP FIVE SONGS from the Original Soundtrack which you can order from Amazon. And click on the titles to hear them.

5. Secret. The Pierces.

Swear this one you’ll save. Crazy PLLtheory, there might be a clue to who A is in the song, if you hear it backwards and really slow Jenna’s voice confesses who “murdered” her. This song had to be in the top five list because, who in this world can hear Secret and not think of PLL right away?

4. I Won’t. Colbie Caillat.

Even though there is more chorus than verse in this song, and is basically the same over and over again, I love it. Is the perfect “I just broke up and he wants us to be friends”. Plus is Colbie Caillat, she is like the sweetest person in the entire planet.

3. Beauty Queen. Ben’s Brother.

That voice, oh the voice, and the sweet sound of the harmonica, if you don’t melt to it then you are not human and come from planet “I have no feelings”. Extra points to the song for the confusing lyrics and wise advise.

2. Jack and Jill. Katie Herzig.

She wore that dress like it was a Saturday, pretty as a summer rose picked in the morning. This song is the perfect reflection of love, based on the nursery rhyme about a brother and sister that go up a hill to fetch a pail of water.

1. All Those Pretty Lights. Andrew Belle.

There is not much I can say about this song, just hear it.