Is Judith Alive…

Well you know she is.

I am asking this question as the person who has just finished watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead from 2013. Yes, I know I am a little behind but bear with me.

As many of you know (and if you don’t please read previous posts) I have a serious condition called Nopuedodejardeverseriesitis and is bad. Last week after finally listening to the wise advice of a friend (Homero) I started watching TWD.

The episode when the governor comes back to the prison and tries to take over was shocking, I mean, finally some peace, the viewers where happy seeing the survivors build a new world, but no, we can´t be happy, and you have to take our last piece of hope aka Judith.

Now I have read the spoilers and know, SPOILER ALERT, she is not dead, but come on, those five minutes between deciding whether or not to look for it where the worst.

Apparently there was a big debate on social media about where she was

a) Tyresee and the girls

b) Michone

c) Beth and Daryl

d) Maggie and Sasha

and all of these because an unbuckled seat.

So to answer the question… YES JUDITH IS ALIVE… and…

Shane is the biological father. OOPS…

Now I have a question what’s up with the place everyone is going now?, the so called sanctuary, is it really safe?, do they get there?, they must get there because it has to be the place they will meet up. My bet is it’s gonna be like Woodbury…